American Honey Creamery

Welcome to American Honey Creamery

Order by the 1/2 gallon $14.95

How to choose your flavors

Since we rotate our flavors monthly, we wanted a way for customers to still enjoy their favorites from previous months! Click on the "Flavors" button below  to pick what you'd like us to make special for you!

How to place your order

Either send a message through our website, Facebook, or Instagram, or call us at (860) 823-7085 to place your order! We ask that all orders be placed by 3pm the Tuesday prior to your pickup day. 

How to pick up your ice cream!

Since American Honey does not have a store front, all orders can be picked up from our truck on Sundays outside of Home Depot on SR-64  (5820 FL-64 E, Bradenton, FL 34208)
between 12:30pm and 4:30pm. Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns with this pickup location.